Unreliable Subcontractors – is this your biggest headache?

6 out of 10 Queensland builders surveyed listed “Unreliable Subcontractors” as their biggest headache.

Are you one of those builders?  If so does this sound familiar?

You get a great project to do. Celebrations!!!! But for some reason your subbies become unreliable.   What happens next?  Your project falls behind, you miss your handover deadline and the quality sucks.  The client is very unhappy and complains daily about the state of the site, the electrician, the plumber, and how uncooperative and incompetent your staff are. Your head hurts!!!

Well imagine how it would feel when your subbies turn out to be amazing and perform well.  You would have a feeling of pride and satisfaction – possibly relief – when your job is handed over on time and to quality.

Your clients would be grateful and would sing your praises from the highest rooftops.  You would get all you are owed and have no variations that the client doesn’t want to pay for. Your faith in human nature is possibly even restored – not all subbies are hard-to-get-along with a…….holes.  Nirvana in this life!!!!


Cold Comfort

If it’s some solace, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! (as the stats show). I hear the nightmare stories from all different sized builders regularly. Their lists of problems are not just limited to slack subbies.  Others that get a show are,

  • unrealistic client expectations
  • slow payers
  • militant unions
  • spurious Workcover claims
  • accounts on stop
  • incompetent staff
  • rising costs in wages, concrete, traffic control
  • placement agencies getting rich off the back of high staff turnover,

And that’s just the start!!

However I decided to tackle the main problem first and apply my own knowledge and experience,  to put together a guide that I hope will help builders get the better result – Reliable Subbies.

It’s called,’ 5 Ways to Get Better Subcontractors‘.  I really do hope you get something out of it.

Just click the link below to download your copy.


BTW (interesting fact) – Did you know that the average time an employee stays with a builder is just over 15 Months 

Incredible isn’t it?  An issue for another day!!!