Do you have what it takes to keep winning work?

Keeping work coming in the door is critical for the survival of your building company. And not just any work.  You want work you can make good margin on.

With that in mind we have put together a guide that shows you how to set up your pre-tender systems so you gain valuable time in your tendering process.  To a lot of you it may seem like we’re telling you how to suck eggs – you have seen it all before.  No doubt you have. But it never hurts to be reminded of a good way to do something.  Even if you only pick up one helpful tip in the read it will be of benefit.

10 Ways to improve your strike rate

  • How to turn your tender into your Silent Salesperson
  • Learn how to be better prepared
  • Identify and focus on what you do best
  • Make sure the client knows you have what it takes!!!

So click the link below to download your copy now.

Good luck and remember,  “Fortune favors the Bold”.  If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been winning you work take some new initiatives.