Worlds tallest timber building coming to Brisbane

WHEN built, 5 King Street, in the RNA Showgrounds redevelopment precinct, will be the tallest engineered timber building in Australia and one of the greenest. The engineered timber has a lower carbon footprint than traditional building materials, and is sourced from certified sustainably managed forests. It enables precise offsite prefabrication and safer onsite construction.

At a height of 52 m1, or 10 levels, it will be the tallest building of its kind in Australia and the largest of its type, by gross floor area, in the world. It has been designed by architect Bates Smart and is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Bates Smart director Philip Vivian, said timber buildings were the next generation of workplace design, aimed at enhancing wellbeing.

“The timber construction recalls the vernacular ‘Queenslanders’, as well as ­relating to the historic RNA pavilions, to create a site-specific and innovative tall building that connects with nature,” he said.

The building is also on target to receive the highest possible green rating and top energy rating through the use of new, sustainable cross-laminated and glue-laminated timber as well as energy-efficient LED lighting, occupancy ­sensors, optimized air conditioning and rooftop rainwater harvesting.



Spotlight on what matters – The Great Barrier Reef

etender supports the Fight for the Reef campaign.

The future of the reef hangs in the balance.  As Australians we are its custodians.  If we sit on our hands and wait for someone else to do something it may be lost for ever.

You can show your support by going to  or

Stand up for something wonderful that has no voice and DO IT NOW!

etender’s triple bottom line – people, planet and profit


Like most other Australians etender is concerned about the effects human activity has on the environment and is committed to help reduce this at the corporate level.

We aim to help move ourselves and client companies towards achievement of the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit by providing an efficient system that replaces demand for non green products or services.

By partnering with etender clients are helping themselves prepare for the expected future ‘carbon constrained’ economy.

Here are some etender “Green Facts”

GREEN FACT 1 One tonne of paper makes about 400 reams of A4 paper. One ream (500sheets) will take about 50 litres of water to produce. Looking at the example above it will take nearly 20 reams of paper to produce those documents or 1000 litres of water.  That’s the daily water usage for nearly 7 people or over one year, 2,555 people! So then you think – we won’t print them and send them we’ll burn a CD – well maybe you should THINK AGAIN  GREEN FACT 2 –

  • To manufacture half a kilogram of plastic (30 CDs per half a kilo), it requires approximately 100 cubic metres of natural gas, 2 cups (around 400ml) of crude oil and 96 litres of water
  • It is estimated that it will take over 1 million years for a CD to completely decompose in a landfill
  • a cd/dvd is considered a class 7 recyclable plastic

GREEN FACT 3 – Number 7 Plastics? These types of plastics are found in: Three- and five-gallon water bottles, ‘bullet-proof’ materials, sunglasses, DVDs, iPods and computer cases, signs and displays, certain food containers, nylon and a wide variety of plastic resins. A few are even made from plants (polyactide) and are compostable. Polycarbonate is a number 7, and it is this hard plastic that has people worried these days, after studies have shown it can leach potential hormone disruptors which may affect the endocrine (glandular) systems of humans and wildlife resulting in development and reproductive problems.

Fast, inexpensive and easy to use.

Drive the costs out of your tendering process while maintaining high standards of control, presentation and documentation.

The construction industry is a very fast moving, cost driven, litigious environment.  As construction and finance managers, the owners of etender witnessed first hand companies spending too much time and lots of dollars in litigation.  Problems experienced that contributed to this included

  • a lack of uniformity in documentation with too much ‘copy and paste’,
  • piece meal and/or inaccurate record keeping
  • people moving between companies bringing their own systems and not using systems on offer
  • no single repository for project information
  • tender submissions missing deadlines
  • hard drives on PCs/laptops collapsing where critical project information was stored
  • different subcontractors pricing at tender and construction phases

Early on they realized that there was no simple answer to these problems. However as managers they still had to develop strategies to limit there occurrence and effect.  Ultimately they saw the easiest answers lay in developing systems that control what goes in and comes out of the construction process.

Improving and streamlining the tendering system was seen as the first step in producing a more efficient, profitable construction company. Not only is it the first stage of the process but it also lends itself to internet applications. etender is the system born out of the owners’  desire to achieve best practice in this area . No corners have been cut in design and development and testing has been exhaustive.

In designing etender consideration was given to the fact that construction companies employ a wide range of people with varying skill sets – not everyone is computer literate or internet savvy.  The etender system deliberately mirrors the traditional paper-based system which makes it easy for all levels of employees to understand and use.

Underpinning continued refinement and further development is the owners’ commitment to fairness, transparency, professionalism, teamwork, accuracy and efficiency and their abhorrence of the blame game, time wasting, sloppy documentation and needless duplication.

Whether you be a Contractor, Subcontractor or a Supplier in the construction industry, provides tools for you to manage your part in the tender process.


For Contractors:

etender is simple and straightforward to use. It will lead to a reduction in the amount of duplication of documentation and ultimately to a more efficient use of valuable resources. It is your next step to corporate sustainability.

  • find subcontractors and suppliers to price the work in their area
  • send out documentation
  • track tenders
  • produce audit trails
  • receive prices


For Subcontractors and Suppliers:

Contractors post open projects to the site which require various trades to complete. Depending on your selected criteria you will receive price requests and have access to specific tender documentation which can be downloaded. You are then able to submit your tender responses electronically. It is a simple straight forward process.

Subcontractors and suppliers use the site for FREE to

  • find work
  • download tender documentation
  • communicate directly with decision makers
  • participate in online Q&A tender forums
  • automatically receive addendums
  • organise and track tender responses
  • submit your price electronically via etender’s secure online tenderboxes.
  • advertise your business directly to contractors


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