Ipswich – a great place to live and invest

Dean Pegg of the Pegg Group is excited about their next development that is due to commence construction in May, 2017.  The development, consisting of 108 residential units in two towers, with ground floor commercial space and 5 basements for car parking, is the first of its magnitude in Ipswich.

Dean has been dedicated to the project for nearly 9 years, working closely with council to ensure the area gets what it needs to house and service its growing population. He has confidence in the area and the town’s leadership which he says is pro-development.   etender’s team is working with Dean to help him bring his goal to fruition.

Ipswich’s population is increasing at twice the rate of the rest of Queensland sitting at 190,000 residents.

Due to the $1.5 billion expansion of the Amberley RAAF Base, 2000 new base staff and their families will soon call Ipswich home; the current population is projected to increase to 435,000 by 2031. Tthat is just a short 15 years time placing immense pressure on the supply of housing in Ipswich. Planned growth to 2041 = 520,000 residents!

Think of the big picture : A population growth over the next 24 years of 330,000 new residents in Ipswich @ 2.3 persons per household; will require

  • 143,000 new dwellings in the next 24 years
  • OR 5,978 dwellings per year

Worlds tallest timber building coming to Brisbane

WHEN built, 5 King Street, in the RNA Showgrounds redevelopment precinct, will be the tallest engineered timber building in Australia and one of the greenest. The engineered timber has a lower carbon footprint than traditional building materials, and is sourced from certified sustainably managed forests. It enables precise offsite prefabrication and safer onsite construction.

At a height of 52 m1, or 10 levels, it will be the tallest building of its kind in Australia and the largest of its type, by gross floor area, in the world. It has been designed by architect Bates Smart and is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Bates Smart director Philip Vivian, said timber buildings were the next generation of workplace design, aimed at enhancing wellbeing.

“The timber construction recalls the vernacular ‘Queenslanders’, as well as ­relating to the historic RNA pavilions, to create a site-specific and innovative tall building that connects with nature,” he said.

The building is also on target to receive the highest possible green rating and top energy rating through the use of new, sustainable cross-laminated and glue-laminated timber as well as energy-efficient LED lighting, occupancy ­sensors, optimized air conditioning and rooftop rainwater harvesting.