How document control and tender management save you money

Document control and tender management is pretty straightforward. It’s about getting the right documents to the right people at the right time.  It ensures the builder gets “apples for apples” pricing from subcontractors and that everyone has the current set of documents during the build.   Focusing on the ‘back of house’ systems, will save you money immediately by limiting variations on the job and also save you money down the track as staff work more efficiently. It starts at the estimate stage and ends when the client takes the keys.

According to Engineers Australia Qld,  when you focus on project documentation you can reduce project costs by up to 15%. In their 2005 Report, “Getting it Right”, it also stated that poor design and documentation is the major cause of variations on a project.

“60 – 90% of all variations are due to poor design and documentation”. 

and,  “poor documentation leads to:

  • cost overruns, rework, extensions of time;
  • high stress levels, loss of morale;
  • reduced personal output, and
  • a decline in safety standards.” Page 3

It makes sense then to focus on the front end of the project where document control and tender management begins.

Using means you can get design consultants involved early.  Design changes can get to project users quickly. Revisions are easy to upload and register.  These can be approved by the builder and distributed almost immediately.  There are no delays or added costs because of complicated file naming protocols and no new documents are being left in someone’s inbox.

Control is maintained by the builder who sets up who gets what documents and when .  Subcontractors are automatically kept up to date with document revisions during tendering so you always gets ‘apples for apples’ pricing.  These updates continue to be received by the successful subcontractor after contracts are awarded.

Also, project documents are stored in one place which means everyone involved in the project has access to the same current set of documents. Your ‘all-important’ site staff are also included.   Putting up a block wall from a superseded drawing will be a thing of the past.

In the end you not only ‘make margin’ but gain more sleep and peace of mind.  And isn’t that what you want? To

  • make money, and
  • enjoy what you’re doing on a daily basis.

So to see how this can work for for call now, on 0422 037 027 and start enjoying the benefits today!!!


etender ticks all the boxes

etender’s ‘e‘s 

easy to use

efficient – it does things right

effective – it does the right things

enforces  – company rules and policies 

enables – staff 

enlarges – database of subcontractors and suppliers

eliminates – errors

7 good reasons why YOU should use etender.

Oh and it costs less – but that doesn’t start with “e” 

Grant help for small business

Owning and running your own business can sometimes feel like a really lonely affair – there is only one of you in it.  It’s always a pleasant surprise to find that some of those tax dollars we pay are funneled back to us in the form of grants for small business.  Federal, State and even local governments have initiatives that are aimed to help new or established businesses grow and succeed. The grants are not generally in a large amounts of cold hard cash that you can use to pay the wages for a year.  There are rules to follow and usually you have to match dollar for dollar and report regularly on progress but if you are prepared to do the paperwork there is money to be had to help you build your business.  At present the Queensland government has several types of grants that can be accessed ranging from matching funding up to $10,000 (ex GST) for mentoring and business coaching to Digital grants for the purchase of hardware, software and services. You might even be able to get your website updated now. Accelerate Small Business Grants – put in applications now Digital Grants Program – round 2 applications opens on 8 March 2017

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