Are you worried about making margin on your projects?

Contractors, subcontractors and suppliers can all save time and money with etender’s web-based document control and tender management system.

For Contractors

It’s fast, inexpensive and easy to use with 24/7 real time access

Cloud based and scaleableSave money on your own IT costs
Cloud-based services are ideal for builders with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands
Easy and cheap to scale your cloud capacity up or down with remote servers.
Version Control
- automatically updates current set and maintains previous versions
Save staff time
Able to view all versions and track changes
One central repository for project documentationEveryone sees one version of the truth
Improved collaboration means better work and a healthier bottom line
Collaboration area for consultantsSave time - no wasting time searching on laptops for new revisions
Quick turnaround for approvals and design changes getting to site
Never build a blockwall in the wrong place again
Revised documents automatically sent via system generated addendums to subcontractors At tender time always get "apples for apples" pricing
Post award - always build to current revision
Helps eliminate human error
Activity logs for all tendersSave money by limiting variations
Reduce opportunities for disputes
Database of Subcontractors and SuppliersFind new people to price work to keep your prices keen
Premium subcontractors listBetter pricing from vetted subcontractors who are project "fit" and recommended
Able to use in Estimate and/or Construction stages with seamless transitionSave time and money having one system for tender and construction
Improves communication across company
Reduces duplication of documentation
Helps promote goodwill with subcontract partners
Construction can see who priced at tender time and pricing
Staff feel their contribution is valued
Global control area
Ability to enforce compliance to company procedures eg mandate scope of works on every package
Reduces costs as you control what gets priced
Establishes uniformity in tender documentation
Promotes professionalism
Improves corporate image
Helps with training young staff
Flexible Package builder Save your's and subcontractor's time and bandwidth
For Subcontractors

At you are much more than a listing in our database.

You are an integral part of the build process and we want to help you make your business as profitable as possible.  That way everybody wins.

Your business is built on relationships and connections made as you go about your day to day activities. Strong businesses are built on strong relationships however, we realize these can take time which seems to be in short supply when your running a busy contracting business. If you are a ‘time poor’ subcontractor etender helps you find and establish better connections with builders and other subcontractors in your network.   We do this by,

  • providing a best practice tendering system where both subcontractor and builder have access to same real time documents
  • actively searching out and adding new and/or expanding builders to our site – not just the same big guys that appear on other tendering sites.
  • giving you a site listing which captures more information, adds your mug shot and enables you to personalize your message
  • offering premium listings which offer more support services like business coaching, IT support and help with take offs

No matter what your trade is you can use the etender site . Contractors post open projects to the site which require various trades to complete. Depending on your selected criteria you will receive price requests and have access to specific tender documentation which can be downloaded.  You are then able to submit your tender responses electronically.  It is a simple straight forward process.

etender provides you with a continuity of information and reduces the risk of pricing the ‘wrong thing’. Not only does it alert you to the existence of potential work but it also allows you to better manage your paperwork


For Suppliers

Would you like to reach more customers without having to use a huge sales team ?

Signup to and that’s what you get.

  • etender is accessed by builders and subcontractors continually – people who are actively looking for your product or service.
  • You can even Showcase your products via our blog or mail out – send an email to and one of our support people will be in touch.
  • etender allows you can receive tender documents online and submit your price to a secure tenderbox.
  • Sign up for a premium listing and you can upload your catalogue or product brochure.


How to improve cashflow - 8 things a builder can do.

Builders operate in a very fluid economic environment. Continual review and improvement is needed to stay relevant to clients, maintain a positive cashflow and be profitable for owners.
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40 Hour work week? I remember my first part time job.

I bailed my PM up in the lunch room after working one too many 55 hr weeks and said, "things have to change. I want to go back to working a 40 hour working week. We have to learn to work smarter not harder ". He stopped, looked directly at me with his head tilted to the side, you know, the way a dog does when it's a bit confused, and said, "You CANNOT be serious, your role isn't part time "
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First printed house

Several companies around the world have explored 3D printing to such an extent that affordable housing is able printed out of concrete in under 24 hours. The printer is based on the principles of contour crafting—a process that 3D prints large-scale objects layer by layer. Read more..........
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Ipswich - a great place to live and invest

The Pegg Group is building 108 residential units in two towers, commencing in 2017, to help house ipswich's growing population and etender's team is working with him to assist him in bringing the project to fruition. A population growth over the next 24 years of 330,000 new residents in Ipswich @ 2.3 persons per household; will require 143,000 new dwellings in the next 24 years OR 5,978 dwellings per year
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Worlds tallest timber building coming to Brisbane

“The timber construction recalls the vernacular ‘Queenslanders’, as well as ­relating to the historic RNA pavilions, to create a site-specific and innovative tall building that connects with nature,” he said. Due for completion end of 2018.
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Poor documentation is the major cause of variations

60 to 90% of all variations are due to poor design and documentation

Document control and tender management save you money

Here's how document control and tender management can save you money on your building projects. Its simple. Focus on the front end of the job and you'll save money at the finish. It starts right from the estimate stage and ends when the client takes the keys.

etender ticks all the boxes

7 good reasons why YOU should use etender

Grant help for small business

At present the Queensland government has several types of grants that can be accessed, ranging from matching funding up to $10,000 (ex GST) for mentoring and business coaching, to digital grants for the purchase of hardware, software and services. You might even be able to get your website updated now. Accelerate Small Business Grants - put in applications now Digital Grants Program - round 2 applications opens on 8 March 2017 For more information visit -

etender's triple bottom line - people, planet and profit

We aim to help move ourselves and client companies towards achievement of the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit by providing an efficient system that replaces demand for non green products or services.
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Always look out for your mate on site

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is investigating a fatal incident that occurred on Sunday 27 July 2014 in Fortitude Valley.

Project Collaboration now even easier on etender - D & C the easy way!

etender has introduced a new feature enabling consultants, clients…

Showcase your new product

If you have created a new product yourself or have come across one you would like to tell the world about you can.

Looking to sell your product? is accessed by a large network of thousands of Contractors and Subcontractors who need your service. Get connected today with a FREE listing.

What our customers say

Lenny Aitken - Contract Administrator

From a contractors point of view eTENDER is a valuable tool that supports and facilitates its projects.  eTENDER boasts an automatic addendum system which ensures all new docs are immediately available to the relevant people. Importantly being able to view transmittals and track documents issued to subcontractors takes the guess work out of variation disputes. Ultimately you can rely on eTENDER to run fast, effectively & remotely and in the unlikely event of an issue the support team at eTENDER are prompt and efficient.

Lenny Aitken - Contract AdministratorPointcorp Commercial - West End, Brisbane
Dean Heffernan - Managing Director

I like using etender over other tendering system as its easier to use.  I have also paid for a premium listing so I have access to the most up to date drawings while on the job just using my phone.  Carmel and the gang also personally help me find  more work and give me ongoing help growing my business. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Dean Heffernan - Managing DirectorDPH Projects Pty Ltd - Brisbane,
Ben Sexton - Director

As well as using eTENDER for document control and getting pricing in from subbies and suppliers, I find Carmel’s general business advice and coaching invaluable.  She lives and breathes construction and has a wealth of experience in the game.  She is generous with her time and really cares about the people she works with.  I recommend her highly as a business coach and the ‘go-to’ person when you need to find more subbies to price.

Ben Sexton - DirectorSexton Builders Pty Ltd - Enoggera, Qld
David Turner - Mechanical Engineer, RPEQ - CEO

We’ve used etender from the outset. It’s brilliant. Just brilliant. I can price tenders and have full access to the documents to ensure the quality of my submissions. Once the job is awarded I’m constantly kept informed of changes to documents with automated addendums and transmittals. Even while away in PNG I’m able to access everything I need.  I cannot recommend it highly enough!

David Turner - Mechanical Engineer, RPEQ - CEOCrane Certification - Brisbane
Cameron Tye - Construction Manager

I used etender to keep up to date with project documents on site.  It was so easy – I just clicked on a link and I could download the current version of any doc.  No waiting for couriers to deliver new sets of drawings or relying on the subbie to remember to bring his set. I didn’t even have to remember a  password – it gets a tick from me.

Cameron Tye - Construction ManagerPitman Properties Pty Ltd - Annerley, Brisbane
Martin Payne

Bloomer Constructions use for all our tender management and document control. We have found the ability to definitively establish and track the distribution and receipt of document revisions to the subcontractor, to be invaluable when assessing the validity of variation claims

Martin PayneBloomer Constructions - Remote Services Division Project Manager